May 7th 2021

D-CELL GAMES has released UNBEATABLE [white label], a side-story set in the world of the upcoming rhythm-adventure game, UNBEATABLE. The game’s first episode, entitled “SIDE A TRACK 1”, launched with 12 playable songs and a first look at UNBEATABLE‘s cast of characters.

You can watch the trailer for [white label]’s release here, containing scenes from episode 1 and beyond. It is now available as a completely free download on Steam and

Along with the release of [white label], D-CELL has revealed several additional announcements, including the release of UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES (white label’s soundtrack), the addition of three bonus remixes (SoundCirclet, DOG_NOISE, and MUST DIE!), two playable songs from NOISZ STΔRLIVHT, and a mutual collaboration with Rhythm Doctor. You can view the full trailer for these announcements here.

The press kit has been updated to include new assets such as [white label]’s logo, gifs, and screenshots. View here.


The UNBEATABLE X Rhythm Doctor crossover includes new levels in both UNBEATABLE [white label] and Rhythm Doctor. “Worn Out Tapes” is a fully playable song in Rhythm Doctor, whereas [white label] features a special spin on a beloved Rhythm Doctor song entitled “Loner”. “Worn Out Tapes” is available in Rhythm Doctor now, whereas “Loner” will be released with the next [white label] episode.

[white label] TRACK LIST

All base songs currently available are made in-house by our sound team, peak divide. The following are playable:

      • Empty Diary 
      • Proper Rhythm
      • Mirror
      • Waiting (Arcade Cut)
      • Forever Now
      • Forever When* (composed by RJ Lake)
      • Familiar (composed by RJ Lake, arranged by peak divide)

*Available only in UNBEATABLE difficulty.

In addition, [white label] includes several bonus tracks and remixes from third party artists:

      • Empty Diary – SoundCirclet Remix
      • Forever Now – DOG_NOISE Remix
      • Proper Rhythm – MUST DIE! Remix
      • Done In Love (2ECONDS TO STΔRLIVHT: Forever My Diamond)
      • True (2ECONDS TO STΔRLIVHT: My Heart’s Reflection)

Every song will be playable in BEGINNER / EASY / NORMAL / HARD / UNBEATABLE difficulties. Beatmaps are subjected to change and are not final.


UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES will see its first release on Bandcamp and Steam, and is available to download now. This demo OST includes several songs from both the main game and [white label], and will be updated alongside each episode. You can also listen to it on the official UNBEATABLE YouTube channel here.

UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES will release on Spotify in the future. Those who back the DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK tier on the game’s kickstarter will also receive keys for DEMO TAPES following the campaign.

[white label] Release Schedule

The next episode, SIDE A TRACK 2, will release at an unannounced date. All episodes of [white label] will still be released for free on Steam and Itch. More information will be revealed about the next episode in the coming weeks.


[white label] features an ASSIST MODE that allows players to use AUTOPLAY. With AUTOPLAY on, Beat will automatically hit notes that the player doesn’t hit themselves, allowing for anyone to groove to the songs and experience our narrative. Options to toggle off the VHS Filter, reduce camera motion, dim the background, and disable post-processing are available as well. 

Custom Keybinds/Controller bindings will be present in a later update. ASSIST MODE will include more options in the final game, such as configurable health and damage modifiers. The ability to adjust scroll speed, change game offset, and enable “NO FAIL” are present in this new version.


UNBEATABLE is a narrative adventure game with rhythm action mechanics where music is illegal and you do crimes.

The game launched on Kickstarter on April 6th (and ended on May 7th), raising over $267,402 from backers around the world. The game reached its funding goal in the first 15 hours of its campaign, meeting its first three stretch goals, online leaderboards, custom beatmap support, and additional remixes.


      • Explore a strange world with terrible people and a progressive day-and-night cycle all while doing whatever you please – whether that be helping others, practicing with your band, or sleeping in.
      • Vibrant anime-esque aesthetic incorporating lots, and lots, and lots of hand-drawn animation.
      • Simple yet challenging rhythm mechanics that drive a significant part of the game and storyline.
      • Endlessly replayable arcade mode for anyone who Craves the Scores.
      • Accessibility options broad enough to allow anybody, even those intimidated by rhythm games, to play through the story (and maybe even like the rhythm game part too…maybe…)
      • A feature list that is an unmitigated success at turning a complicated piece of artistic expression into a series of easily-reducible bullet points.


D-CELL GAMES is a remotely operated studio that believes that the best way to make something that actually works as a crowd pleaser is to make the crowd hate you before winning them back. They don’t seek to only imitate the things we love; they want to understand them. UNBEATABLE, a narratively-driven rhythm game, is their first project.