Today, D-CELL GAMES shared an exclusive preview of UNBEATABLE at this week's Day of the Devs: Summer Game Fest Edition!


You can view our segment here:


Previously we've mostly focused on the two-button rhythm gameplay, but this preview puts the core of the game's main story mode front and center! We showed off an early chunk of it and covered city exploration, narrative flow, and our setbuilding system. We also premiered a new song in this preview - BLANK PAGE (composed by music director RJ Lake and performed by Rachel Lake).


ALSO, because people keep asking about giving us more money (!?), we launched UNBEATABLE's slacker backer campaign for those who missed out on the Kickstarter. We're keeping the stretch goals rolling from that, including the missed $300k / $400k goals for Online Multiplayer and a *special secret addition* respectively. The campaign will last until a little after [white label]'s final episode releases; check it out here:


*ALSO* also: peak divide (the primary sound and music team behind UNBEATABLE) will be performing a special set at the rhythm gaming charity marathon LINK UP 2, featuring music from the game!


This is the part where we say that UNBEATABLE [white label] recently surpassed 200k downloads on both Steam and Itch and is somehow still Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam and that you should download it right now:


More episodes soon! We'll be announcing the release date for episode 2 very soon, so keep an eye out on our channels...


Our press kit has been updated with new materials based on today's preview. Screencaps abound.


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