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You're a free person. Free to choose to buy this digital artbook, unburdened with the pressure of having to listen to the OST or play our game. We would like if you did those things anyway, though!



  • A digital PDF download of UNBEATABLE's official artbook
  • Discord Role

Just the Digital Artbook

  • By purchasing a Slacker Backer tier from this website, you agree that you have read and accepted the risks, challenges, and accountability information shown on UNBEATABLE's Kickstarter campaign and associated pages, and understand that all Slacker Backer tiers made available on this website are considered an investment with the same delivery estimates, risks, terms, and conditions as our original Kickstarter campaign tiers.

    Your financial contribution through our Slacker Backer tiers is a way of helping create something new; you are not pre-ordering something that already exists. You also agree that you are old enough to legally agree to these terms. Please read through our entire campaign and Kickstarter's support section to ensure you understand what you are investing in.

    UNBEATABLE's Kickstarter campaign:

    We are responsible for completing the project as explained both in our Kickstarter campaign and Slacker Backer tiers and fulfilling each reward to the best of our abilities. Our fundamental obligation to our backers is to finish all the work that was promised, honestly address their concerns, and deliver rewards.

    Slacker Backer tiers are non-refundable 30 days after purchase.

    Please note that this is a third-party site that is not officially associated with Kickstarter, PBC.

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