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ANDREW TSAI loves anime a little too much. He came up with the initial concept for UNBEATABLE fairly soon after making a game where you have to type to stay alive, and then told Jeff about it, and then they told other people, and hey, now you know. He does the art direction, a lot of animation, some of the code, has a "story by" credit, and handles combat design and polish. Lots of hats! More hats than a person usually has space for on their head. He's the reason the characters have music names. If he isn't working, he's playing JRPGs.

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RJ LAKE has been sort of accidentally-ing his way through the games industry for almost a decade now, bouncing between asset creation, design, biz dev, and Other. Used to work on Homestuck* (listen to volume ten!) and does stuff with Strange Scaffold (dog airport!). Does Not Code, And Is Sorry. He's handling music direction, additional music, narrative design, dialogue, some setpiece design, all the storyboarding Andrew doesn't do, and is in charge of most of the marketing (the trailer was his fault). He's to blame for all the jokes. 

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Jeffrey Chiao is UNBEATABLE’s producer, lead beatmap designer and helps out RJ with biz dev stuff! They keep our production timelines under control, and build some of the amazing charts that accompany Peak Divide’s soundtrack. When they're not working on UNBEATABLE and a ton of other games, they can be frequently found at the nearby Round1 playing Bemani games.

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Rachel Lake is also UNBEATABLE's producer, on top of providing lead vocals for the soundtrack. She also lends a hand in community management, silly doodle art, and derailing meetings with Garfield memes. Even though she voices Beat, Quaver is her bias.

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IMG_2008 (1).jpeg

Clara Maddux is D-CELL's resident composer and musician. Her musical journey started by playing drums for rock bands that regularly pushed sound pressure levels far past safe listening limits, but she eventually waned on the aggressive use of volume in order to study the sorcery that is jazz composition. She's responsible for the live recording that drives UNBEATABLE.

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Jack of all cables, mastering of songs; Vasily Nikolaev (@VastonikMusic) makes it his goal to immerse yourself in worlds that sound real, but feel stylish. Music composer and SFX artist, he handles mixing of all the songs in the game and is responsible for most of the synth work and wilder production tricks you'll hear, as well as a huge chunk of the sound design.

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Richard is a lead programmer who also does a lot of other funky VFX, tech art, and design stuff. Has designed unique minigame systems, UI overhauls, and internal processes, and helped pull together disparate story and cutscene components. Spends too much time staring at other people's code. Plays a lot of VNs and fighting games.



    Eva Sydney Lee writes code for UNBEATABLE. When she's not bullying bugs or co-workers, she loves to skateboard, make music, and work on games of her own. Also, she loves Snoopy very much. She is originally from Seoul, South Korea, but calls Los Angeles her home.



      Austin is a developer at D-Cell Games. He enjoys microsoft paint, and various species of ants.

        SAM CHIET

        unknown (44).png

        Sam is a career criminal/helpful friend guy. He has a deeply mysterious history and affinity for making wacky creative tools. He will probably not be adding Kinect support this time around.

          MIREILLE A.


          Mireille Arseneault is known for being the TIGsource forums admin and is the main programmer on UNBEATABLE. Mireille's role on UNBEATABLE is to implement the game's various systems. These allow the rest of the team to create dialogue, quests, and beatmaps!  They live in Canada, where bagged milk is.

            REA KOEHLER


            rea really likes rhythm games, code, and cool visuals. she just in general likes making things. she also might be a cat??? we dont know.

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            CJ BLACK


            CJ BLACK is addicted to drinking weird anime after smoking a blunt full of skateboards. Veteran criminal, he's never been behind bars because he can't be caught. Compared to the rest of the team he's relatively new to the scene, but he does great work. He plays with all sides of game development, but loves making distinct action systems for small games, something along the line of hookshot fishing at the end of the world.  He's a psychedelic loving action game freak, and always open to suggestions.

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            From the far and alien reaches of France, Camille has been animating for games for a while, both for her own games and other's, some you may have heard of, most you likely have not. Rhythm games and beat'em ups are among her (many) favorite genres, and working on a mix of the two has been a lifelong goal... until UNBEATABLE came along and made the dream a reality. She will talk your ear off about any games or series she's remotely enthusiastic about, which is just about most of them.

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            MICHELLE RAMOS


            Michelle Ramos is a 2D animator from the far off land of Canada who loves bright colours and cute girls and by god, does UNBEATABLE have both. She also has a tendency to replay the same Splatoon and Sonic tracks for hours.

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            coal bones


            coal bones is an animator and musician making cool little cinematic animations for UNBEATABLE !! wow !!!

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            DENISE D. BACIC


            Denise Destri Bacic is a brazilian 2D animator who loves anime and lives surrounded by lots of figures, cushions and other anime goods. May laugh a bit too much and have an unfading obsession with Touhou music.

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            WIL OSBORNE


            Wil Osborne is the production assistant for the animation team of UNBEATABLE. He helps with keeping the team and their various assets organized and coordinating meetings through a myriad of different time zones. He has a lifelong love of anime and video games yet somehow has bad taste in both.

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            YUMNA TAQIYYAH


            Taqi is helping out with animation. Aside from animation, she enjoys doing illustrations too! You can see her works on Twitter and on her site!

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            ANDI BAO NGUYEN


            andi bao nguyen is a cinematic animator on UNBEATABLE.


            (thats not him in the photo)

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            Star is a 2D animator and rhythm game liker from New York. When they're not animating, they're listening to music, petting their cats, or practicing guitar.

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            ELI STAVRIDIS


            Eli Stavridis is a cinematic animator for UNBEATABLE. When she's not working, she's either baby-talking her cat or begging someone to watch One Piece.

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            KAREN HAN


            Karen Han is a concept artist on UNBEATABLE. In the wild, you can find her taking pictures of peeling paint and crown molding. She likes Shiina Ringo a little too much, and when not drawing can be found screeching Crime and Punishment into a karaoke mic somewhere. Don't let her start talking about her favorite utaite.

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            CODY LAMBERT


            Cody Lambert is a 3D Artist and Illustrator making props for the D-CELL gang. He likes to play banjo and is vaguely human shaped.

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            BOTAI WEN


            Botai is a visual development artist and concept designer. She likes listening J-pop music, reading comic books and designing her OCs in her leisure time.

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            CHERYL STELLI


            Cheryl is a beatmap designer for UNBEATABLE who has, all things considered, what is probably an unhealthy obsession with rhythm games. Which is why she's also the creator of her own game, vivid/stasis, and provides QA assistance for NOISZ STΔRLIVHT! She also lives in Canada, but has never seen bagged milk in her life.

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            Taro has been playing rhythm game content for over two decades, and creating rhythm game content for almost as long... He's a master of making weird and wacky charts, and has contributed to many rhythm games that already exist. If you've played a lot of rhythm games, you've probably played something he's touched!

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            KATHERINE TSAI

            Katherine is helping out with concept art for the game's many environments. The memory sequences were drawn by her!

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            MOXIE RILES

            Moxie Riles (they/them) helped out on UNBEATABLE as a cleanup artist (and cheerleader) during the Kickstarter!

              ANDREW CLEVELAND

              Andrew Cleveland did the infamous guitar solo for WAITING. Yes, the chart's named after him!

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