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D-CELL GAMES has announced the release date of UNBEATABLE's highly anticipated crossover event with Metronomik's No Straight Roads: Encore Edition - and it's releasing today!


You can view the trailer here:


The crossover adds the credits theme from Metronomik's debut music-action game, Low (by j-rock artist One Eye Closed), to UNBEATABLE! It features an exclusive stage, set in NSR's iconic Vinyl City. This update is included for free as a part of PATCH V1.0.8 for [white label], the free-to-download side story demo for UNBEATABLE.


The crossover will also be included in the base version of the final UNBEATABLE game, which is still currently in development. A recent update on development progress for the main game is available to view on our blog.


[white label]'s V1.0.8 Patch also includes the long-awaited custom keybinding support, as well as an assortment of quality of life changes and fixes. The patch notes are available here.


To respond to demand and give players a second opportunity to support the game beyond the Kickstarter, we launched UNBEATABLE's slacker backer campaign in June 2021. We're keeping the stretch goals rolling during this campaign, including the missed $300k / $400k goals for Online Multiplayer and a roguelike mode respectively. The campaign will last until a little after [white label]'s final episode releases; check it out here.


UNBEATABLE [white label] has recently surpassed 360k downloads on Steam and Itch, and we're somehow still Overwhelmingly Positive (96%) on Steam! If you haven't tried out the game, now's never been a better time! Download it here.


Later episodes for [white label] are in active development (including SIDE A TRACK 2, which features a special UNBEATABLE X Rhythm Doctor crossover) - more to share on that later!


In addition, next Wednesday will mark exactly one year since the launch of the original Kickstarter campaign for UNBEATABLE! The team is very humbled by the milestone and we're happy to say that production since last year has been continuing at a steady pace.


Our press kit has been updated with new materials based on today's preview. More screencaps abound.



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